More on grocery stores

Another thing that irks me about my local grocery chains is the customer service. Not that I quite expect radiance, a la Pret a Manger, but I do appreciate basic politeness, which I define as, i. a greeting/acknowledgement of my presence, and ii. lack of attitude that I am inconveniencing anyone by my presence. The last time I went to Stop&Shop in fact the only word spoken to me the entire encounter by the cashier was “Sign”, re my credit card slip. No greeting, no please, even. Not to mention the eye rolls I was awarded for bringing my reusuable bags. It seems like a management failure, some combination of not treating employees well resulting in disgruntledness or not hiring the right people or not setting expectations of behavior.

There are obviously exceptions, and one of them is Trader Joes. People there are consistently pretty helpful and pleasant, even when it’s hectic. So it was nice to see that they treat their employees well and make their money back in increased productivity.


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