Week 2: VKH part 2

Just under the wire for today…

#3: Ocular infiltrating CD4+ T cells from patients with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease recognize human melanocyte antigens

Study design: samples of aqueous humor were obtained from patients with VKH, Behcet’s, sarcoid, and normal controls. PCR was used to confirm the expression of melanocyte antigens tyrosinase and gp100 in the human iris. T-cells infiltrating the aqueous humor were then exposed to these antigens or a control, and the response was measured by cytokine production.

Results: tyrosinase and gp100 are expressed in the iris (one of the structures that comprises the uvea). The T-cells from VKH patients reacted to these antigens, whereas those from the controls or other uveitis patients reacted much less.


Wow, molecular biology is dense. I’m glad other people like this stuff. Back to clinical papers tomorrow.


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