Week 7: Stroke Prevention, part 2

#19: Anticoagulation versus placebo for heart failure in sinus rhythm

  • This one’s a Cochrane review. Actually the 2012 version, because it’s what I had sitting around, but I notice that the 2014 version still only includes the same two studies. (Probably because WARCEF was the big new one, but it’s not placebo based.)
  • So they did this whole search, found 1200 articles, but there were only 5 studies that met their search criteria: WASH (2004), HELAS (2006), and 3 studies from the fifties (!) that weren’t quite up to snuff by modern methodological standards and were excluded.
  • There is a lot of discussion of different bias types, but the takeaway is that combining the two studies showed no benefit to anticoagulation vs anything.


I believe them, but these reviews are…not that exciting to read fully? Like maybe I should just skim to the conclusions? Is it just me?


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