Week 10: MS, part 2

#25: Unusual symptoms and syndromes in multiple sclerosis

This is a Continuum article that describes lots of bizarre symptoms such as:

  • Pulfrich phenomenon: due to differences in light perception between eyes, moving objects appear to travel in an elliptical orbit instead of a straight line. Most notably, this causes the sensation while driving that cars are swerving in one’s direction. Occurs after optic neuritis or other unilateral eye issues.
  • Uthoff phenomen: blurry vision with exercise or other stressors, due to impaired conduction at higher body temperatures.
  • Paroxysmal neurologic events like paresthesias or tonic spasms: positive symptoms thought to be caused by spontaneous impulses generated around a plaque, that propagate away from the area of demyelination.
  • Hypothermia from anterior hypothalamic lesions, that seems to respond to IV thiamine

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